Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

If you’re planning a hyper-functional bathroom, then Mizba Interiors is the only solution in Dubai. We’ve plenty of space planning and pay close attention to the fixtures and materials. We understand that not all the homes come with a fully functional bathroom and most of them needed to be renovated and upgraded. And remember that a bathroom renovation does not necessarily mean, deconstructing your bathroom completely. Simply replacing vanity and shower can make wonders and dramatically enhance the look and the feel of your space. Of course, you’re free to tear off everything and start from the scratch. It’s all about your budget and needs. For the most impressive bathroom renovation works in Dubai, contact us today. You can decide to renovate your bath space for a number of reasons including fixing underlying problems, correcting bathroom leaks and much more. Damp bathroom offers perfect breeding ground for mold and mosquitoes. Water leaks leads to electrical issues and rotting floor problems.

When you hire us, we make it sure that all faucets , pipes and taps are well fixed and replaced before any major damage happens. On demand, we can improve the storage space that helps accommodating increasing requirements. We help maintaining the aesthetic feel of the bathroom. Waterproof plywood is one of the most durable options for the cabinets that are exposed to moisture. Overall, our professionals update the look of your bathroom miraculously. A great way to revamp the bathroom is the addition of textured or patterned tiles. Our ultimate goal is to create a luxurious space offering a spa like comfort. We pay complete attention on lighting, fixtures, decor, color, countertops and flooring that complement each other. By adding more accessories to your bathroom, we give a new look to your space. You’ll also enjoy modified and refreshing bathroom confidently and happily.